Fidlock VACUUM PHONE CASE Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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PopisThe case for the VACUUM smartphone mount. Thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and vacuum pressure, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and is 360° rotatable, while a ratchet prevents it from rotating during the riding – even on rough trails!

The slim case protects the smartphone on and off the base. The understated elegance of the inconspicuous case with a shock proof TPU surrounding is accompanied by the decorative as well as practical ratchet and recessed geometry. Soft material on the inside of the case protects the phone’s backside. Delivery without VACUUM base, needs to be ordered separately.

  • 360° rotatable when mounted
  • Slim design with shock-proof surrounding
  • Anti-scratch fibre inlay
  • No interference with electronics
  • Not suitable for wireless charging
  • Fits all VACUUM bases


The FIDLOCK VACUUM cases contain strong neodymium magnets. If such a case is used with the Samsung S22 Ultra smartphone, the magnets prevent the integrated S Pen from functioning correctly, which is why drawing or writing with the S Pen is limited. Charging the pen through the smartphone is then also not possible. If the smartphone is disconnected from the FIDLOCK VACUUM S22 Ultra case, the S-Pen and its charging will work again without restrictions.

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